Original Paintings: Miscellaneous

Steve Martin’s original paintings in oil or acrylic represent a style known as figurative expressionism.  His expressionistic paintings of the human form, the fundamental topic of art, are created by arbitrarily laying down pure color in broad and vigorous brush strokes.

The starting point for Martin’s paintings is informal studio sketches of his model.  These liberal exaggerations are drawn with complete gestured freedom.  He then utilizes the symbolic and expressive values of pure color to portray in his paintings the play of light so they will shimmer with brilliance.  The use of the exaggerated figure, built from thick texture and intense electric color, allows each aspect of the energy charged canvas to play a vital role in the artwork itself.  This allows Martin to more forcibly express the essence, passion, and sensual beauty of the figure.  The observer is then able to perceive the tension created between the familiar human form and the abstract use of color so that the act of viewing itself becomes more dynamic.

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