Metal Cutout

Artist Steve Martin’s sheet metal cutouts deal with concepts such as planes, transparency and space, and which in addition to the omni-presence of line are fundamental in order to understand the creative context of Martin’s entire body of work. In Martin’s work he examines how to make sculptures and paintings comprising several planes, exploiting both the disorientating effects of asymmetry and the comforting beauty of balance. Turning metal into planar sculpture, where the line cut-out is the negative representation of the positive line in Martin’s already well know figurative wire sculptures, allows Martin to explore the possibilities of a new medium that will last. As in the figurative wire sculptures every curve, flat surface and hollow is thought out and deliberate. The shadows are real; they are created. This series of light, planar, architectural sculptures allow Martin the opportunity to realize a long-term goal to transfer some of his sculptures into monumental-sized versions.

These sculpture are shown alongside paintings, which reveal the same interest in planar, multiple viewpoints and the relationship between form and space. This new media allows Martin to also import aspects of his painting style in which the cutouts are animated with the use of colour. Viewed as a whole, they highlight the unity between sculptures and paintings at this stage of his career.

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